Danielle Evans

Working in a target based industry is one of the most difficult roller coasters you can be on. When things go well everything is great but when sales are down and targets become hard to meet if affects every aspect of your life. When I started working with Aaryn I was struggling to get out of bed to face the day my sales were down which was affecting not just my career but my marriage and relationship with my children. We were living week to week in a two bedroom home with no savings and no prospect of moving forward.
There is a strange beauty in hitting rock bottom, you only have two moves. Continue the way you are or make a change. I chose to make a call and it really saved every part of me. In 6 weeks of working with Aaryn I went from barely meeting to targets to doubling them, the next month I tripled them. That quarterly commission cheque was the highest I had made in 7 years. It's been just over 12 months now and my life has never been better. My husband and I have built a brand new home for our boys (something I never thought would happen) our relationship is full of joy rather than financial stress and I have plans to start my own company. All of this is solely due to Aaryn and his amazing support friendship and guidance. He didn't just change my world he gave me the tools I needed to create a new one and the belief that it was achievable. People always say that there is more to life than money and it's true when you no longer have to worry about it.

Robert Yandell

NLP and Aaryn Longmore. Where to begin? - Success
For the Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z population graduating from schools, university and working up the corporate ladder. For most people, success comes in many forms. It's obvious that people need great work and life balance but what are we missing? Communication!
Communication as we know it is: emails, text messages and coffee conversations etc. We all do it but why are some people better at communicating?
We live in a technological era which enhances communication and equips us with being able to communicate quickly but it doesn't necessarily mean we are communicating properly.
In the 4 years I have known Aaron, he has always been able to efficiently communicate with everyone around him effectively in every medium which has led him on an incredibly successful journey through a multitude of complex, challenging corporate roles with some of Australia's biggest companies in the telecommunications space where communication is key. 30 minutes with Aaron is enough to unlock your communication brain to its fullest capacity.
5 Stars for communication strategy, life balance & management capability. He is an inspirational coach and mentor and a phenomenal leader. 

Jack Murray

My brother Aaryn Longmore has been the leader of our NLP community for over 18 months now and during this time he has delivered amazing results with NLP for our students. If you're looking at learning NLP and becoming a practitioner I highly recommend NAA! I don't give public testimonials lightly so if you're considering the journey I'd have a chat with the NAA team!

Jared Asher

Aaryn's NLP training is truly something else. I have never encountered NLP training like it. Aaryn's not only super committed to helping his clients achieve the best results, he also speaks truth, screams authenticity, and comes straight from the heart. I cannot think of a better man to have NLP and Hypnosis training with. And I am 100% right behind him all the way!! Do yourself a favour and work with NAA!!!

Aaron Witnish

Aaryn Longmore is an NLP superstar, who comes from the heart. He combines a very playful style of presenting with expert content that sticks due to his active learning style. I couldn't recommend a better person and organisation to take your NLP skills to the next level.

Janice Cuz

What a life changing event. The awareness that is created from these NLP events are just phenomenal. The way that Aaryn delivered the class was just so impressive that I cannot stop talking about it with anyone and everyone. If you are wanting to experience NLP for yourself, there would be no smarter option than to go with NAA. Great content, great teacher, great vibes.

Sheron White 

I came to be a better coach, a calmer manager, however, I found out SOOO much about myself. I let go of inhibitions that were holding me back in both work and private life. I’ve learnt so much about conversations, and most of all how to not react the way I did before. I’m always a bit of a sceptic, although Aaryn is absolutely brilliant, I’ve had so much laughter. Come along and try it, it’s the best money you could spend, it will absolutely change your life

Ciaran Dunning 

I was stuck in my own business, I didn’t know where to go with it. I wanted to find out what I could do to grow my business, my relationships and generally as a person. I got out of the training everything I was looking for, it’s really helped me to know where I’m going and what I need to do, it really accelerated my learning. I know you’ll get a lot out of it!
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